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SCHN Policies
Safe administration of intravenous PEG Asparaginase for oncology patients
To guide the practice and proceedures undertaken in the provision of cardiopulmonary bypass at CHW.
To identify patients with community acquired pneumonia presenting to the Emergency Dept who are well enough to receive intravenous antibiotic therapy at home in specific circumstances. These patients could be directly transferred from ED to HITH avoiding inpatient beds all together.
To assist physiotherapists in the management of children with conversion disorders.
Describe COVID-19 process and response plan for PICU
To identify patients with limb cellulitis presenting to the Emergency Dept who are well enough to receive intravenous antibiotic therapy at home in specific circumstances. These patients could be directly transferred from ED to HITH avoiding inpatient beds all together.
These guidelines are intended to provide clinically relevant information to help hospital staff optimise analgesia for infants and children who are in pain.
Guideline for pain management for chemotherapy patients with mucositis.
To provide specific guidelines for the assessment and management of pain in neonates
A document to provide a guideline for safe administration of intravenous opioid analgesia (fentanyl and oxycodone) to patients in the immediate post operative setting in recovery ward (Middleton,Todman & K block PACU)
The document provides information for SCHN Palliative Care staff to guide care for inpatients at Westmead, Randwick Campuses or Bear Cottage. It is also available to inform other SCHN staff who are involved in the provision of inpatient care to paediatric palliative care patients and families
The information contained within the policy outlines roles, responsibilities and boundaries of SCHN Palliative Care offsite volunteers who will be supporting families primarily in their homes.
The content of this practice guideline is aimed at services provided by Level 3 Specialist Paediatric Palliative Care services for patients in the home or community
Administration of Paracetamol to children presenting to ED
Safe prescribing and administration of paracetamol, signs and monitoring of adverse events.
Nurse Initiated Medication for Paracetamol
To provide guidance for the assessment and safe management of (suspected) paracetamol overdoses in children.
This document is a clinical practice guideline for registered caring for patients receiving a ketamine infusion and medical staff prescribing a ketamine infusion.
Guideline developed to give information for staff providing clinical care to inpatients requiring parenteral nutrition at the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network
To ensure clear guideline exist for having a parent stay by the bedside in a secured inpatient unit.
Is to provide a guideline on how to assess parents with deteriorating mental state - the document will highlight the referral process, assessment and pathways post assessment
To outline the requirements for consumer engagement and partnerships across SCHN To outline the onboarding and remuneration processes for patient, family and community representatives.
Create a policy and reference material for physiotherapy management of patella dislocations.
To standardise processes for admission, assessment, clinical management and discharge of infants referred to The Grace Centre for Newborn Intensive Care (GCNIC) CHW for closure of a haemodynamically significant patent ductus arteriosus.
Statement of hospital policy on requirements for consultation with pathology laboratories prior to initiating some investigations
To detail the minimum requirements for labelling of pathology specimens and the minimum information required for a pathology request (electronic or paper).
To provide information regarding the food and nutrition policy for the Patient Meal Service.
How to dose medications based on patients' weight
To establish the processes for the use of disposable privacy curtains around bedunit and clinics
To provide guidelines for identification and management of pelvic fractures in emergency department
Guide medical and nursing staff in the care of patients undergoing percutaneous liver biopsy
Guide management of patients requiring renal biopsy
Adherence to the wearing of perioperative attire
This document is for staff to have appropriate guidelines when dealing with Hyperdermic Intra-Peritoneal Chemotherapy [HIPEC] in the operating suite. This guideline facilitates optimal patient care for patients and staff dealing with cytotoxic drugs involved in performing HIPEC surgery. This includes outlining staffing requirements and the necessary equipment.
The purpose of this document is for intraoperative nurses to refer and comply with the mandatory documentation for patients undergoing surgery/procedures within CHW operating suite and outlying areas.
to guide the management of children presenting with periorbital or orbital cellulitis presenting to the CHW Emergency Dept
Provide safe instructions for the insertion of intravenous cannulation, venipuncture and their management.
Process for peripheral nerve stimulation (train-of-four) monitoring in CICU.
To standardize antibiotic use (oral) and intramuscular for MCU. The policy will describe appropriate dosing, timing and choice of periprocedural antibiotics and make recommendations about which select patients may require additional IM antibiotics. This should reduce inappropriate use of antibiotics in accordance with antibiotic stewardship whilst reducing potential adverse events (eg UTI) from MCU's.
Guidelines for Peritoneal Dialysis following Congenital Heart Surgery
To provide clinical staff with step by step instructions on how to care for an established peritoneal dialysis (Tenckhoff) catheter
Guide management of patients presenting with peritoneal dialysis associated peritonitis.
To provide clear guidelines for use of mobile phones and/or other personal communication devices by people who are admitted to the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network (SCHN) Mental Health Units (MHU).
To minimise the risk of infection to staff and reduce the risk of cross infection to patients and others
Guide clinicians in the management of pertussis in the Emergency department.
This guideline will assist clinicians in preparing a patient with developmental disability and/or significant behavioural issues for medical investigations and procedures
This policy sets out the minimum compliance requirements for the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network (SCHN) in regards to photography, film and video recordings
Support and guide the management of a neonate with jaundice in CICU requiring phototherapy. Low volume of patient's requiring this therapy and needs the use of light equipment.
Phototherapy is the primary treatment for unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia in neonates. Level and rate of rise of serum bilirubin, gestational age, birth weight, postnatal age and the underlying cause of hyperbilirubinemia are all taken into consideration when determining the need for phototherapy.
The purpose of this document is to inform clinical staff and switchboard staff regarding on call physiotherapy and call-back policy.
To inform hospital staff of provision of after hours physiotherapy services and how to access these.
Parent resource material
To define the procedures for children presenting to the emergency department with injuries potentially requiring plastic surgery intervention
To safely administer Plerixafor
Procedure for staff when police wish to make enquiries or need to have access to patients.
To provide SCHN staff with a standardised approval process and document development / review framework. This framework is to be used only for the development and review of Policies, Procedures, Practice guidelines, Homecare guidelines, Standing orders, Nurse Initiated Medications and Drug Protocols and Disaster/Emergency Response Plans at SCHN.
To guide application of the A-WPTAS protocol and inform management plans for ongoing care/discharge
Guide the appropriate prophylaxis and management of post-operative nausea and vomiting in children.
Inform clinical staff of the safe management of potassium replacement therapy across the SCHN
This document describes the activities to be undertaken at the ward or department level when PowerChart is unavailable.
Guide for spinal care for patients with scoliosis, kyphosis, spinal stenosis or other defects.
To ensure best practice for children who are fasting preoperatively.
A guideline for staff to prepare a patient for surgery
Provide paediatric context to the state Pressure Injury and Prevention Policy. To update the SCHN policy to reflect the changes in the newly published CEC policy
This document provides practical guidance for the management of procedural sedation and analgesia for therapeutic and diagnostic procedures in ward areas of the hospitals.
This guideline is a coversheet to the NSW Health Paediatric Procedural Sedation - Guide for Emergency Departments, Wards, Clinics and Imaging guideline, and also contains local information pertinent to SCH and CHW emergency departments. It specifies the options and procedures for Analgesia and various forms of sedation within the ED.
Procurement within the network
• This document provides guidance to project teams and project stakeholders on the application of the risk management process to the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN) projects. • This guideline is aligned with SCHN’s Risk Management Policy and Framework. • This guideline does not provide details of the specific actions to be taken regarding risk management for a project, as these will vary according to the project and other organisational circumstances. • The guideline describes how to manage risks that are associated with a project and the project lifecycle – from concept to eventual disposal or implementation.
To provide essential information for the use of protective eyewear, cleaning, disnfection and safety rules
Outlines how children in Out Of Home Care will be prioritised to receive a health service at SCHN.
This document provides details of the procedures to be followed when a mental health patient needs to be transferred from the Emergency Department of one hospital in SCHN to the acute psychiatric inpatient unit of the other hospital in SCHN.
To inform staff the correct ways to submit a request for a publication to be created.
Appropriate management of neonatal seizure and administration of pyridoxal 5-phosphate.