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SCHN Policies
Appropriate management of children and infants presenting to SCHN EDs with symptoms of gastroenteritis while excluding other causes of abdominal pain. Treatment aims to avoid dehydration by rehydration via the enteral or intravenous routes.
prevention of the transmission of gastroenteritis.
This document provides policy and guidelines for initial clinical management of patients presenting with acute upper or lower gastrointestinal bleeding in ED, PICU or the Wards.
• To promote appropriate timely treatment for children who present to Emergency Department (ED) with gastrostomy device displacement • To identify risks and reduce complications associated with gastrostomy device displacement • To expedite patients who present to the ED with a displaced gastrostomy device
Guidelines to assist parents and carers in managing their children's gastrostomy at home
Provide information for clinicians on Gastrostomy Management
Guide medication administration for patients on discharge or gate pass
To inform nurses and medical staff how to administer and handle Zolgensma, a gene modified medicinal product safely and to the standards required by the gene therapy licence agreement.
To outline the requirements for clinical and research personnel with regards to the safe administration and handling of in vivo gene therapies.
To Ensure compliance with GST Act
The purpose of the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network (SCHN) Grading, Regrading and Reclassification Policy is to ensure that requests for grading, regrading or reclassification are assessed against relevant industrial instruments, comparable positions within the NSW Public Health Industry and other relevant factors such as work value.