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SCHN Policies
To outline post operative care of ENT Patients across the network
The management of operating session within children's Hospital; - Westmead Operating Theatres
An easy to use reference guide for medical and nursing staff that will allow a standardised approach to replacement of electrolytes in those patients that have electrolyte deficiencies. It will be particularly aimed at junior medical staff who prescribe the majority of electrolyte replacement.
To inform clinician across the Network about the the new electronic process of documenting Advance Care Planning documents and Resuscitation Plans.
To establish the referral and transfer protocols for children requiring burns care at CHW that present to ED and how best to manage them
Guides clinical staff on the assessment and management of a patient with a suspected spinal cord injury
Practice Guideline for Emergency Medicine Kits for the SCHN
Guide for referral, admission and transfer of patients requiring orthopaedic care.
Outlines empiric antibiotic recommendations at SCH Randwick
Provide guidance for empiric antifungal therapy in paediatric haematology, oncology and haematopoietic stem cell transplant patients requiring empiric treatment for suspected, probable or proven invasive fungal infection.
To provide guidance on the management of empyema in children and minimise variation of practice.
To guide the administration of surfactant to the neonate via the Endotracheal tube. To support the management of the neonate pre, during and post surfactant therapy administration.
To provide a guideline for the scope of practice for Enrolled Nurses working within SCHN
This document provides guidance and instruction for the management for children on enteral feeds including those requiring enteral feeding tubes.
This document covers the prescription, administration, and management of commonly used premedications prescribed by the anaesthetic team for children prior to anaesthesia.
To devise a policy to support the safe administration of Enzyme Replacement Therapy(ERT) in the home setting by HITH and moving toward self / family administration.
To aid in the management of patients receiving epidural infusions
Clinicians managing children presenting to the Emergency Dept. with epistaxis will receive appropriate diagnosis and management.
To give guidelines on how to care for children who are known to have ESBL bacteria.
To facilitate safe practice around care of children with an external ventricular drainage system in place.
To support staff caring for a patient on ECMO in CICU, SCH
To provide guidance on for the safe and effective provision of ECMO for paediatric patients in PICU at CHW
This document provides specific information on pre-operative, perioperative and postoperative eye care.
To advise staff about the process of having something published in Bandaged Bear Bulletin or SCH Pulse.
To inform Workforce Services staff of their responsibility in relation to the creation, maintenance and storage of staff personnel files.