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SCHN Policies
This plan is a guide for workers involved, directly or indirectly, with the use of ionising radiation apparatus and / or radioactive materials.
To provide information to managers and supervisors about recruitment, selection and appointment of non medical staff in line with the NSW Health Policy Directive: PD2017_040 Recruitment and Selection of Staff to the NSW Health Service.
To guide clinicians on the process of recycling stoma losses in neonates following surgery
To provide guidance to clinical staff on the prevention and management of refeeding syndrome for inpatients across SCH and CHW. A previous policy was rescinded and there is now no policy available on the intranet for the management of refeeding syndrome across a range of clinical areas. The Eating Disorder Emergency Department Guideline is only applicable to patients with an eating disorder, however refeeding syndrome can occur in other patients. Dietitians frequently are asked for guidance from medical staff on treating refeeding syndrome.
This is a document discussing the appropriate referral pathway and initial management of antenatally diagnosed renal abnormalities
This document will make clear how SCHN sees & situates Reflective Clinical Supervision (RCS) as it applies to all staff. It will also specify the optimal conditions under which RCS will operate within the Network, how to access the RCS service and who are the people to approach in case of challenges or questions.
To provide information on Rehabilitation, Recovery and Return to Work
To provide information on management of a child undergoing a renal biopsy to medical and nursing staff
Provide guidance for the admission and medical management of children who are undergoing kidney transplantation at Sydney Children's Hospital.
Define cleaning and sterilisation processes for Complex and difficult to clean Reusable Medical devices.
The purpose of this procedure is to outline the process for the pre- and post-award management of research grants submitted by and/or awarded to, SCHN affiliated Investigators . The management of grants submitted and/or awarded for the conduct of commercially sponsored research, for the purposes of service provision, and/or the provision of funds from philanthropic trusts and foundations not related to research, is outside the scope of this procedure. Adherence to this procedure will ensure: * The competitiveness of grant applications via expert review of content , and verification of compliance with the funding rules and/or application guidelines for the relevant funding scheme; * An accurate and complete record of applications submitted and/or awarded is maintained by the Research Office to enable the generation of performance metrics, as well as leverage capacity building opportunities and other funding opportunities ; and * Appropriate stewardship of public and other resources whereby funding is used ‘for purpose’ and the receipt, investment and expenditure of funds complies with NSW Accounts and Audit Determinations for Public Health Organisations.
To outline the processes to be undertaken in the case of potential breaches of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research
Provide standardised steps to address Work Health and Safety issues internally, and then externally where appropriate.
To provide guidance for Registered nurses caring for infants on Bubble CPAP
To guide local practice for neonates who require resiratory support
To document clinical guidelines for the retrieval to tertiary level care of preterm neonates of extremely low weight at birth.
The policy adopts the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights, second edition and the Rights of Children and Young People in Healthcare Services in Australia. These charters provide a framework to help empower children and young people, and their families and carers to understand what they can expect from us, and the staff caring for them.
Establishes the Board's appetite for risk.
Develop a clear and structured approach to the interpretation of Rotem data integrated with a clear and structured management plan based upon the data