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SCHN Policies
Procedure to direct the maintenance and management of HEPA filters at SCHN
Clinical care guideline for ED staff
To provide information to renal and paediatric nurses on procedures involving double lumen haemodialysis access catheters
Provide details of standardised hand hygiene procedures as outlined by NSW Ministry of Health policy.
To provide procedure which meets the new legislation for Hazardous Chemicals and improves compliance with the MoH Policy
To ensure that hazardous and cytotoxic medications are administered safely to patients in the SCHN with regards to patient safety, worker safety and environmental regulations
Safe and appropriate management of acute head injury in infants and children
To correctly treat Head Lice and Scabies. To minimise the risk of transmission of Head Lice and Scabies to healthcare workers and others.
To provide governance and processes to follow with regards to Health Care Records Management, Storage and Access
The purpose of the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN) Attendance Finalisation Policy is to ensure that SCHN provides accurate and authorised rostering information for payroll processing. It is a mandatory audit requirement for Roster Managers (delegated officers) to ensure verification of employee attendance when authorising attendance records prior to submission for payroll processing.
Outline the timeframes for health care records to be returned to Health Information Units for scanning and access into the eMR
To standardise the routine and accurate measurement of height, weight and other body parameters of patients presenting to SCHN facilities.
Drug protocol for intravenous heparin infusion for the initial treatment of venous or arterial thrombosis and anticoagulation of patients with prosthetic heart valves perioperatively
The implementation at local level of the NSW Health Policy Directive on Hepatitis B Vaccination.
The purpose of this document is to identify medicines which have been deemed to be at high risk of misadventure for the patients across SCHN.
To provide guidelines for the management of a child in a spica cast
To provide staff with information regarding the care of neonates with Hirschsprung's disease.
To outline a procedure for home visiting and risk management prior and during community or home visiting
Guidelines for staff and families of CHW outlining responsibilities of taking long term ventilated inpatients outside of the hospital environment to home or school.
A policy for Hospital tour groups -from of a single VIP, through to a large number (eg. new staff, community group, overseas visitors etc) on a tour of the Hospital.
To provide guidance on multidisciplinary care, testing and service requirements for women living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and their infants in order to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV.
To provide an evidence based practice guideline which enables the nursing & Medical staff to safely administer oxygen via a humidification circuit
This is an updated document that describes the indications and procedures for using Humidified High Flow Nasal Cannula (HHFNC) therapy on both of the NETS custom built retrieval systems - the N2012 Neonatal systems and the new 2018 series paediatric retrieval systems.
To provide a framework for appropriate clinical therapy in the management of acute severe hyperkalaemia including identifying potential underlying causes and complications from the illness or treatment.
Describe management hypoglycemia episodes and workup for non-diabetic patients presenting or developing hypoglycemia while in the hospital
To inform audience re: the treatment of hypoglycaemia of an inpatient with diabetes who is being treated with insulin and/or oral hypoglycaemic medication.
Provide guidance to NETS staff on the care of a newborn with (suspected) hypoglycaemia.
To improve safety and management of children during commencement and maintenance on the ketogenic diet
Clinical guideline for treatment with & management of therapeutic hypothermia in newborn infants