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SCHN Policies
To ensure safe and rational utilization of the NETS portable ultrasound scanner
Provide clinical guidance to staff on aspects of management required when caring for neonate with umbilical catheter in-situ
Appendicectomy patients were noted in our NSQIP data to have post-operative complications and to have a longer length of stay than our international counterparts. We process mapped our appendicectomy care and compared this with best practices. There were some areas that needed improvement. A Guideline was designed with input from all general surgeons across the Network. Nursing staff need a formal document outlining these practice changes.
Provides details for the provision of uniforms for staff that are required to wear a uniform, detail requirements for ID badges and to promote code of dress and appearance that is consistent with SCHN professional standards.
To describe the process for the use of the Blood Esky for Trauma Attend patients presenting to the ED and for use in Cardiac Cath Lab and Interventional Radiology lab at CHW.
To guide clinical practice for newborns regarding genito-urinary care in Grace Centre for Newborn Care
Identification, management and follow-up of simple Urinary Tract Infections
Urinary tract infection is a common complication associated with urinary diversions such as a vesicostomy and ileal conduit. Aim to obtain a sterile specimen of urine for culture and sensitivity so that appropriate antibiotic treatment, should that be necessary, can be determined.