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SCHN Policies
To provide guidance for the performance of this procedure within the NICU
To provide guidance to clinical staff in GCNC of n the basic routines of care, screening and measurement
The purpose of this document is to outline the Network Clinical Emergency Response System, as well as providing site specific information to staff as they apply as they apply to the NSW Health Policy Directive 'Recognition and Management of Patients who are Clinically Deteriorating'. The NSW Health Policy Directive was written in the context of the Between the Flags program which aims to improve patient outcomes by detecting and acting upon early signs of deterioration in patients.
To gudie the use of intraabdominal pressure following surgery - it is currently imbedded within the Genito-Urinary Guideline, however it was felt it would be best as a stand alone guideline to avoid confusion with other documents.
To guide clinicians and technicians when collecting blood specimens from neonates
Define clinical procedure to ensure the blood culture collection activity is conducted in a safe consistent manner within Sydney Children's Hospitals Network.
This document has been produced as we have had inconsistency in our management of patients with blood glucose instability. There was one such patient with significant blood glucose instability where they were requiring insulin and IV glucose supplementation which resulted in multiple IIMS submissions. This document includes evidence based recommendations for practice.
To outline the procedure for measuring and documenting blood loss in the operating theatre for patients undergoing surgical procedures
Emergency Department Clinical Practice Guideline
To standardise the management of abdominal solid organ injuries in children admitted to CHW.
procedure for bowel washouts
Guideline for management of bronchiolitis ED and admission
Guidelines for the respiratory support for NETS patients with bronchiolitis.
Procedure for the Non-bronchoscopic bronchoalveolar lavage in PICU
Guide initial clinical management of child presenting the SCH ED with a burn injury.
Facilitate safe stabilisation and retrieval of the child who has suffered a severe burn injury requiring medical retrieval to the Children's Burn service
Practice guideline for the immediate assessment and treatment and management of paediatric patients with of burn injury; including - first aid management - general burn wound management - analgesia and sedation for burns dressing procedures - burn wound dressing products and application techniques - management of burn wound pruritus - post burn wound healing care - wound management for non burn major skin loss conditions
Management of a burns patient in PCIU
To establish a protocol for the approval and development of business cards for SCHN staff.
To provide guidance when conducting business with the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network (SCHN) in order to maintain high standards of integrity and ethical conduct.