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SCHN Policies
- Standarised procedure alongside National Standards - Safety to protect employees/patients and the organisation from complications of procedure
To advise the correct procedure for calling paediatric recovery staff in when need to recover patients post operatively
SCHN is implementing a low risk febrile neutropenia management program allowing patients to be treated in the home. The program will be offered to patients of the Kids Cancer Centre at SCH and Centre for Children's Cancer at CHW allowing patients to be treated in the home. This document supports the assessment of initial suitability of the patient for home care, risk stratification and eligibility for home based care based on a clinical decision rule (AUS-Rule) tool to predict low risk patients suitability for home management.
Provide initial management plan for oncology/transplant patients.
To ensure the safe and effective use of Opioid Analgesics at SCHN-Randwick
To decrease the number of children receiving nasogastric or intravenous fluid therapy resulting in a decreased need for admission and unnecessary intervention. • To utilise waiting times effectively and commence oral rehydration treatment in those children with vomiting and / or diarrhoea at the time of triage where appropriate • To demonstrate and educate parents/ carers on the purpose of commencing oral rehydration in the waiting room prior to medical assessment and to encourage them to document progress. • To maintain ongoing observation and assessment of those children receiving oral rehydration. • To ensure children who present to the emergency department with vomiting and/or diarrhoea are considered for a trial of oral fluids before medical assessment providing they meet the inclusion criteria
Provide information and guidence for organ and tisue donation via a circulatory death pathway
To provide guidance to clinical staff who are caring for patients potentially exposed to organophosphates/carbamates.
To provide health professionals caring for children with external fixations with the appropriate information to achieve the optimal outcomes for these children
The application and management of orthopaedic traction in SCHN facilities is a safe and consistent manner.
Procedure for stoma care.
management of child presenting to the ED with otitis media.
• Ensure the safety of all users. • Ensure the equipment and natural landscape is maintained. • Promote understanding of the outdoor and play spaces and how they can meet patient and family needs. • Inform users of the purpose of the outdoor and play spaces - providing an alternate setting free from procedures, which can motivate rehabilitation, enhance relaxation and stimulate the senses.
To guide outpatient clinic users of the correct process for cancelling or rescheduling outpatient clinics
• This document provides referrers to SCH Physiotherapy Outpatient Department with information regarding: o Accepted referral sources o Eligibility criteria o Models of care including priority grouping o Discharge, review and re-entry criteria
establish clear guidelines for the appropriate use of pulse oximetry monitoring of patients and the associated procedure for its application.