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SCHN Policies
To support and guide network staff wishing to write or review network factsheets.
To assist staff in identifying children at high risks of falling and the use of the falls assessment tool
To provide a fasting guideline for children having general anaesthesia for elective or minor emergency surgery.
Guidelines for pre-procedure fasting in Type 1 Diabetic patients
To provide a guide to the complex feeding methods and techniques required for neonates to meet their developmental needs
Clinical Care Guideline for Emergency Staff
To identify patients with fever and petechiae who are clinically stable, presenting to the Emergency Dept who are well enough to receive intravenous antibiotic therapy at home in specific circumstances. These patients could be directly transferred from ED to HITH avoiding inpatient beds all together. Traditionally these patients have been admitted for 48 hours awaiting cultures.
Information to guide the management of febrile children in the Emergency Departments.
To provide staff, especially non-clinical staff, with first aider(s), access to first aid and equipment.
The Procedure should be read in conjunction with the Fixed Asset Policy and is intended to provide guidance on the procedures for fixed assets acquisition, transfer, disposal, stocktake and related matters.
This document describes the procedures involved in the employment of temporary employees in accordance with the Health Industry Status of Employment's (State) Award. These procedures should avoid the situation of temporary employees working on expired contracts. Ensure a consistent approach to the management of temporary appointments
Policy document to establish the framework and process for considering and approving requests for flexible work practices • Significant policy review to ensure alignment with best practice principles..
To ensure inpatients with IgE mediated food allergies are provided with a High Alert Meal.
Povide direction to staff and volunteers holding a food stall in a SCHN facility.
To provide management guidelines for children with upper and lower limb fractures
To standardise the process by which fractures are reduced in the CHW ED
To guide clinicians in the application of traction, including appropriate analgesia
The strategy communicates the Department's position of not tolerating any act of fraud or corruption and emphasises that fraud prevention and control is the responsibility of all staff.
Top Comply with FBT Act and NSW Ministry of Health Policy